13 December 2017

Dental Treatments

Our therapies are explained with models and photos to provide to the patient all the information needed to decide the most appropriate therapy for his case.

We take into account aesthetic criteria, occlusal problems and medical health conditions to recommend personalized dental treatments.

Application of a whitening gel to the teeth both in-office or home treatment

Therapy of the tooth supporting structures (gum, bone, periodontal ligament) and removal of calculus with hygiene and prophylaxis.

Caries treatment and the filling of the residual cavity with a tooth-colored composite material. The goal is to restore the tooth’s function, shape, and aesthetics.

Applying a thin ceramic layer to restore the aesthetics of the tooth or replace a missing part . The ceramic veneers are completed in two sessions.

Application of a thin layer of composite to restore the aesthetics of the tooth or replace a missing part. The composite veneers are completed in one session.

Total tooth covering to strengthen the structure, restore aesthetics and the anatomy of the natural tooth, or to replace one or more missing teeth, bridge on natural teeth.

When the natural tooth needs extraction or is already missing, the fixed prosthesis is made on an implant that is a titanium screw inserted into the bone to replace the tooth root. A gold-ceramic or an all ceramic crown will then be applied to the implant with its abutment.

Removable devices that are fabricated with or without clasps to replace missing teeth, using both natural teeth and implants for support.

Removal of the nerve when the tooth condition requires it.

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